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A Woman Found Her Fiancé’s STD Medications, Reddit Gave Her. Their interaction went as follows, according to the woman:"Do you have herpes? " "Four years."She writes that the reason he kept this news from her was because, "He felt himself to be a monster and didn't believe that anyone could truly love him if they knew the truth." (Quick note: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a little over 15 percent of people in the U. ages 15 to 49 have genital herpes, so this condition is pretty common.)In reflection, she tells the world of Reddit that she "wouldn't have given a f-ck" if he had an STD had he told her about it . A Woman Found Her Fiancé’s STD Medications, Reddit Gave Her Shockingly. But as Reddit user Buthetreatsmewell posted to. Dating, Herpes, Relationships.

Dating herpes reddit Herpes Network She says she is hurt by the fact that he kept this from her, especially since she could have contracted herpes herself. Knowing the difference between the two is very important. i just came to a new country and the doctor chalked it up as saying my body has not produced the necessary.

I like a girl, but she has herpes. Is this a deal breaker for If it makes you feel better, I'd probably end it in a situation like this too. I don't know how our sex life would be since she has herpes. Your risk of getting herpes is lower by dating someone who knows they have it.

A Woman Found Her Fiancé’s STD Medications, <i>Reddit</i> Gave Her.
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